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The subtle sea of abyss

Where this poem originates from

Little trinkets of waves emerging out of a fresh fragrance

Like the morning flower under the sunlight

As the dewdrops glide through one leaf into another

There I swim with you all

In out and through you

Magnifying my presence…

The sight of the planthenius is so wrapped up around my head in light blue colors true to my spirit I have danced into the slumbers of my breath. Pick me up tonight for I am lost again into the perth of the vacuum you consider eternal. Hold me tight into the night. Carry me home by the slight guide ti’s is the night of redemption. Fell me up tonight, I have to go for a fight, sit tight relax take a few deep breaths-sight will be a delight and the kite will reign higher than the night sky blasphemously looking back into the night. Dwight, where are you, honey? All shall be over in a hurry, die oh die, why oh why

What do you really care about in this world? Is it people’s well being, providing shelter or food for people in need. What is it specifically?

If your actions do not reflect your values, then you are…

I don’t know how you are spending your time inside the house.

But i do know that it is a great time to realize the oneness in all life. Our idea or separation only causes us more fear, insecurity and anxiety.

In the old times, many men left their homes…

Sumit Ghimire

Certified NLP Results Coach,TIme Line therapist, Healer Meditation Teacher, Mind Strategist

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