Forgiveness is at the heart of true liberation.

If you are someone who likes to introspect and sit with yourself, then you will find many memories within yourself that still do not have found the resolution they seek.

In forgiveness, we actually liberate our self in carrying the baggage. In essence we forgive but not forget because they have lessons that help us expand our perception towards life.

I have seen hurt as being a primary factor in my emotions that has wanted to truly feel and be with it. The more I am with the feeling of hurt, the more i can see that loving the one’s that have hurt me goes on liberating me.

I become more wiser, healed and aware of this inside myself.

Time Line Therapy is truly a wonderful discovery that helps on look at many events that have created an interpretation and meaning dwindling our mental, physical and spiritual progress.

As one become more dis-associative towards these events and seeks to learn from them, a liberation happens in the form of emotional release or physiological change. It is truly a sight to see when the lightness comes back into the being of that person.

Have you felt hurt before? What is it that allow us to be so vulnerable with certain people in certain situations?

Certified NLP Results Coach,TIme Line therapist, Healer Meditation Teacher, Mind Strategist