Manage your mind or it will manage you.

It is very important now more than ever to manage our flickering minds.

What we see, hear, taste, touch and smell overpowers our consciousness and we forget why we started, who we are.

Everyone wants to be happy and happiness is linked to what we accomplish in our lives. This in itself is a never ending quest. Don’t worry I am in no way asking you to give up on your goals.

Just hear what i have to say.

Looking within however in the depths all the content in our mind, we begin to realize the one who holds all the content to be another content. Just another content that has been given way more importance that it should be. This in an invitation to at the nature of your own self.

It’s very illogical to go somewhere in a car you no nothing about.

It is the same with our own self.

This realization directly opens us up to a field to deep relaxation and oneness with life. A place for creativity and work that matters to us to emerge into our lives.

Once that is a possibility, we can give our mind specific tasks to complete it within a certain time frame.

The primary thing that changes is the basis of our creation.

We move from a place of fear and insecurity to a place of creativity, creating value and something that is important to us and to everyone around us.

It’s astonishing how amazing the mind is when it works for us. It baffles me to even start thinking about is.

When everything diverts into one direction, great things are possible.

Question for you:

Who am I? ( Just be with the question and inquire into the nature of your self)

What do I invest my life in?